August 2018

We are glad to welcome Sir Robin & the Longbowmen on board. The band just played 2 gigs in Switzerland, and we took the chance to get them talking about their very own perspective in the music biz. Apart from that, we could record some footage of their show in Lugano at a beautiful place appropriately enough called Lido San Domenico - in short LSD.














28 July 2018

 BIGFOOT - Morning Mist Video

26 January 2018

Wedge & Bigfoot on tour together. In between we just filmed another music video for BIGFOOT. See here some outtakes, and, as you may imagine, we had some serious fun and many laughs. Stay tuned!

26 August 2017




shooting photos & footage with Siena Root Live at Zytanien Festival.

8 July 2017













wow, what a week .. we just shot two music videos in one week for two bands featured in the documentary...guess for which bands! 




24 May 2017




Work in progress with our senior editor Fabian Grekuhl. We almost finished 4 of 12 chapters.

22 June 2017

Bigfoot debut album out...Get your copy through It`s a Gas! Records. Use link!






It`s a Gas! Records

6 February 2017

film & photo shooting with Wedge (High Energy Rock`n`Roll from Berlin)

4 January 2017

BIGFOOT on tour, along with Wedge




December 2016


The Roaring 420`s in concert

September 2016


Wedge video shooting for "Lucid"

September 2014


The Flying Eyes video shooting for "Hold On"

updated soon...

October 2011


The Opium Theatre music video shooting for "Ain`t it strange"

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