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Bigfoot - Dor Koren (It`s a Gas! Records)


After 10 years of hard work with the great Israeli psychedelic band "TREE" - including 2 Albums, 4 long live EP's, a collaboration with Damo Suzuki (CAN), constant touring and probably a thousand live shows in Israel and all over Europe - their strong heavy-weight bass player and vocalist Dor Koren a.k.a "Bigfoot" is out on his own with a new project.


Bigfoot is the culmination of seven years of secret psychedelic home recordings, a fountain of creativity, Imagination and freedom and the first of his six solo projects to get a proper release.


Dor Koren plays most of the instruments on this album: guitar, bass, keyboards, banjo, sitar, lap-steel guitar, vocals and effects and a wide range of other weird instruments. His new album is a complete trip that ranges from raw psychedelic acid melting guitar sounds to velvet puffy clouds of pure emotion. The project is very eclectic with layers of guitars and synths on one cut and a classical guitar and banjo on another. Sandy Bull, Arthur Lee and west-coast psychedelia are just a few of Dor Koren's influences but you can hear an original collage of many others in his unique approach to music.

Album cover by Kiryk Drewinski -

captured intuition

-home of psychedelic dreams-

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